• nakachiging 5w


    Pondering,"weather has been Blue lately",
    Such that,my inner soul that craves for comfort,
    Awaiting Rainbow while beholding mountain's sight,
    Do they care?Rains are shedding tears upon?
    Only to lead them grow better and polished Greenary entirely,
    Thank God!!atleast recieved they,Utility from thy Tears,but mine remains unfathomable,
    Smile evoking on my lips,
    Alas! Wherewithal recieved denouement,
    Dear,crystal Raindrops,thy blessings outshines,
    Thy afflictions are blessings,
    Mine? Shall be one soon,
    Discomforts shall evanesce one fine day,
    Crystal Raindrops,thou my muse..

    -Naka Chiging-