• jesdeep 10w

    "Dear God"

    Pain was controlling her
    Day and night
    Her pillow was wet
    Every single night
    She cried in her heart
    Shouted out loud
    Lord do I was made
    To bear so much pain
    Why don't you command this
    Pain to leave that is inside
    Don't you see my wet
    Pillow that proves that
    I've cried whole night
    I know it'll end
    I know pain is not bigger
    Than your grace
    That you have for me
    I'm sorry I'm crying but still
    This pain can't change my mind
    I know how
    You've been too good to me
    You'll be my God even
    In my stormy seasons
    No matter what season
    Comes in life
    I believe it won't change my mind!