• raika_ 10w

    how to understand a poem.

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    breathe. take your time. rub your eyes. breathe . slowly. carefully. descend down the poem. one word at a time. breathe . don't trip over the periods. think. decode a few letters. sigh at a rhyme and slide. breathe. walk silently. look around. don't touch the idioms. feel the metaphors. look out for the word love or you'll land on pain. untangle. one mystery at a time. adagio. don't smile. don't wrinkle the verses. walk in between spaces. careful, don't trip over commas. breathe. pause. inhale the voids. slowly. count the syllables. gasp. lower your pace as the end approaches. look carefully. for secrets in emptiness. observe. repeat the last word. over and over again. breathe. it's over. dont forget to tell the writer. what you found out. don't forget to ask the writer. what he wrote out. breathe.