• knocks 9w

    I'll love me tomorrow

    After 13 days, 700 calories a day -
    They promised I will have my dream body..
    No more flabby arms, no more sagging tummy
    Apparently Self-love won't work well on my large self
    Once all of that is gone, I will resume to love me again

    7 days, 3 steps and I will have clear skin
    Apparently Self-love doesn't emanate on skin with acne
    Once the breakouts and dark spots are gone
    I will begin to love me again

    3 days, a combination of 7 oils and I will have a head full of soft manageable hair
    Apparently Self-love cannot be seen through my 4c hair
    Once my edges grow back, I'll go back to loving me gain

    I just need to do all this to fix myself and I promise
    Tomorrow, I will love me again.