• maitrayee11 10w


    Miles away,
    He stays, living his life,
    With full of passion,
    Being the greatest with one's compassion,
    Does he know someone's here,
    Miles apart but love is in there,
    It's undiscovered
    For him,
    He's miles away,
    And for me, it's like living a dream,
    Untamed are my feelings,
    It's him, day and dusk,
    With which my mind is filled in,
    Patience is what I am having
    A glint of hope in my heart
    One day I am sure he's not gonna be apart
    He's miles away at the moment,
    But the time will come when all the wait will come to an end,
    Will come to know,
    I was always here,
    With a whole lot of love in my ❤️"Heart"...