• sunnyflow 6w

    I miss you oh so dearly

    Halloween is coming up,
    so I suppose it's appropriate to
    pull out an ouija board to
    tell you:
    I can't believe it has been 2 years,
    I will tell you
    I miss you ever so dearly, and
    I'll describe in detail the things
    you have missed.
    Maybe you'll answer by slowly
    dragging the planchette over
    the board to spell out
    y..o..u ... h.a..v.e ... g..r..o..w..n
    ... s.o ... m..u..c..h
    Maybe you'll slowly spell out
    that you love and miss us all
    so much, and that our on-going
    lives are your favorite sitcom to
    watch and it's just like watching
    Fraiser or Two and a Half Men
    in the bed with Grandad;
    that you laugh and cry with our
    or maybe a demon will answer
    my ouija board and I'll get haunted
    but it'll have been worth it, to even
    just try to tell that 2 years with out
    you is a terribly long life time