• moabyte007 6w


    Fear adorned her blanket of solicitude,
    Her Orphic mind gulps the malefic grief,
    Long she's domesticated by broken emotions,
    Her spirit chained in cimmerian doubts,
    And blindfolded with more words of deceit,

    She is the most happy face that cries inside,
    His essence in her breath does choke her hard,
    She wants to unveil all the secrets of her heart,
    The discomfort harrows her heart bleeding for happiness,
    Somehow the yearning in her burns her bones,

    O,the seeing of memories in blooming shadows,
    She woke up to kisses full of his light,
    Shining through her forehead in pure clemency,
    Protecting her under his hearth of apricity,
    She saw a vision of awakening dreams,

    Fragrance of peaceful mauve lavendars,
    O,she was the touch of a sweet song,
    Freezing away her broken past,
    A voice of silent poesy that paved,
    A pristine path warmed in glee.