• wordlywindss 4w

    A Fearless Evocation of Solitude

    How do you term solitude?
    A gigantic lonely time
    or a pin drop silence corner.
    Anyway solitude could be a nervous period
    Which creates the havoc of thoughts in our mind due to various considerations.
    Someone can even consider solitude
    as a fearful suffocation
    which provides them the fear and that very time they think giggle as a serious tear.
    If this is a way people think
    Then I keep a mercy upon solitude.
    Because I think that way is just
    a lamented vision of people.
    I want to question them
    Why can't take solitude a vista?
    A perfect scenario of beautiful mind
    which takes every thing positively.
    So in my case i prefer
    that very replica of positive mind.
    I become avid every time when i take indomitable dreams of perfect Solitude.
    Then I conceive why can't these folks
    muster their thoughts and be claustrophobic
    Instead of being desolate from Solitude.
    It would be better right??
    The fluttering moods of people
    Could change over certain time and
    Also could take a little slow pace .
    But taking solitude besides
    me and my moods are always pensive.
    Amazingly, people are obsessed with various perceptions
    But still I feel pity on them
    Because even though they can't understand the glee of solitude and bliss in that time.
    So try understanding
    Once have a Fearless Evocation of Solitude
    You will love it ...