• kswapnil 23w


    Come ups and come downs, 
    Be it scowls or be it frowns,
    We will some life live together:
    Hearts as light and free as feather.

    Far from reason, not Understanding,
    You might think of my love as not lasting ;
    I know I have been very hard,
    Every message impaling you like a sharp shard,

    I strive for repentance all the while, 
    Not ego, there are circumstances on the pile..

    If there's something else to sue,
    Like A friend in trouble who needs help from you,
    Why bend beneath all that burden alone?
    I will share your load, forgive my tone.

    But carry it by yourself, if you will,
    Determined and immovable still,
    If I cannot take the burden from you, 
    I'll walk the coals alongside you.

    You're weak, I never said that!
    You're incapable, I never said that!
    You're stubborn, and care to a fault,
    Love for me probably strengthened that vault.

    But think of it once from my boots too,
    And forgive my intrusion into you.

    I will love forever until breaths run out, 
    I will care forever until blood dries out,
    This is probably the work of a fanatic,
    Possibly my care seems to be lunatic.

    I am not the best, I never thought I am.
    And I am not the last, I never considered I am.

    Love doesn't need to happen just once.
    Love doesn't need to be for one.
    Character differences abundant, which woo.
    What's wrong if one falls for two?

    I will not judge you, doubt not that.
    I will not vex you, doubt not that.
    Live free of me, if you so want to be.
    Live away from me, if you so want to be.

    Frustration I have given to you,
    Annoyance I have given to you.

    I was heartless then and had nothing to feel,
    Then your love did make my heart heal,
    Now your love I can feel,
    Cometh pangs of jealousy too at heel.

    I keep crying my own sorrows out all,
    Who takes support of a trembling wall? 
    Thus saying I shall ask forgiveness,
    I was not your pillar of charm and firmness.