• alhaassan 5w

    Her scent,
    It has a true smell,
    Perfuming my soul,
    Each time I tried to leave,
    It brought me back,

    I wondered if it were natural,
    I wondered if it were normal,
    But I care less,

    And so I stood at the window ,
    Waiting for a last glimpse of her
    Waiting to make my final farewell,
    The trees bent and signed in the wind
    Bowing deeply to her as she stepped out in to a day as bleak and dreary as my soul
    Her gown flew around her as she descended the long sweep of stairs,
    Into the awaiting coach.
    Riding off in to the sunset
    I am fear less,
    And I am mindless,
    If your love is this strong,
    Then i'm ready to become your prisoner,
    For I would last longer.

    MD_Alhassan Ft #themuslimahdiary