• cuthbert 5w

    Me and You

    Hey there! the person that side,
    Can you hear me?
    I was just thinking about you this morning, absentmindedly.
    With coffee mug in one hand and pile of sheet which I don't understand
    Suddenly, I remember something was missing ,
    The presence of You .

    Do you recall the first day we met
    I was listening to the quiet, then you pop up like a gleam and knock knock!!
    Hi! Hurry and jot down before these beautiful verses your mind block and again I have to go back to perceive the right clock and unsecure the lock and bring back the inner you..

    Yes ! The inner me

    I was lost somewhere in the dark .
    I was nice, kind and somewhat blind.
    I cannot see the unwavering you to bring me alive.
    I cannot see the ceaseless you making efforts to stay by my side.
    It was me who left you.
    It was me who left you.
    Perfectly functioning on the outside.
    But on the inside plastered, but dejected mastered.

    Lips, verses, emotions and rhymes
    Binded me together to a perfect crime.
    Instantly, I recollected the time you and me holding hands to climb.
    Curtains up, set for the tune.
    Familiar feelings arose looks like I was about to brune.
    Thunders and lightening focused on me
    Heavy eyelids obstructing to see.

    Alas! I cannot flip back the time.
    I see your glimpses fading away but there you still shine .

    I sat on the couch.
    Disgusted, defeated, dejected and deleted.
    But you were you
    And then it clicked
    You were born from me.
    A part of me.
    Residing inside me.
    A piece of me.
    You were me
    And I was you.

    And I don't mind happiness.
    I will bring you back from the ashes create you, preserve you and keep you forever and ever.

    Like the old times, I used say
    Hey there! The person that side