• rekhuu 6w

    All my life I've looked at words as though they were mere scribbles in black and white. The metaphors and syllables all meant one and the same to me. .

    Since you left, I have started devouring them as though they were syrup filled rings and savouries alike. They are my mood managers now and I can see through them at any given time. They don't make fake promises to me, but rather embrace my scars and the negativity in me. They embolden me and keep my spirits high. The mid-life crisis may not be over yet and words of others still echoes in my head like before, but all that matters to me now is the pristine seraphic verses that soothe my soul. .

    I shall find my purpose the same way I found my love for words. .

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    I'm still the same old pessimist that I was

    But darling, the love that was etched in my heart bleeds words and spins out poetries