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    Assam Brothers
    May their soul Rest In Peace ��
    #RipAbhijeetNath #RipNilotpalDas

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    ||Rest In Peace Brothers||

    How harsh this world is!
    Even worse than the apartheid system
    Humans doesn't exist anymore
    Even the animals are superior to humans
    Brutality has got another level
    Humans killed humans
    This is why Assam has not developed yet
    Even in the 21st century
    Mentality didn't evolved in the minds of the people;
    Inhumane nature is too dangerous for a developing state
    The duo was brutally killed; still no literate people come to stop them
    For those illiterates the duo died
    Those last words of Nilotpal Das~
    "Moi Okhomia, muk namaribo
    Mur deutar naam Gopal Chandra Das
    Mar naam Radhika Das
    Moi Okhomia"
    Are still buzzing on my ears
    Assam's people couldn't recognise their people
    Shame for Karbi Anglong
    And its people!!