• rxywriter 9w

    I m in trouble no word to say
    what will I do when mom something say,

    oh god please help me
    give me an idea to save me,

    when mom knows
    then what will happen
    I put my paper under the bed,

    my sister come to give the test to mom
    what I say when something told mom,

    I feel suddenly as a wind stop
    and I want to give the order, please time stop,

    time is going very slowly slowly
    sometimes my heartbeat fast and sometimes slowly,

    finally, mom asked where is your test
    I told I don't know it takes to rest,

    mom says give me otherwise
    if I give you and I have no choice,

    no mom no please don't tell to dad
    I will give you paper and I feel sad,

    at that time everything stops
    only my mom was killing me nonstop.

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