• introvertsandthoughts 5w


    "Wind roared,
    Fire sizzled,
    Two devils,
    Challenged eachother.

    Wind swirled,
    Around the fire,
    It threatened,
    To terminate and extinguish the fire.

    Snapping, sputtering,
    The proud fire snickered,
    Do you know what makes me burn even more?
    It's you! Fire announced, Roaring ablaze,
    It grew even bigger.

    Twisting itself with,
    Every corner of the nimble wind,
    They touched the sky ,
    And went further.

    The view both,
    Forbidding and beguiling,
    The calm and silent Water observed.
    It wondered,
    Are they mortal enemies,
    Or immortal lovers?"


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    The story of wind and fire.