• theksh 24w

    It’s beautiful.
    Rain kept pouring. Funny how everyone anyhow find a way to adjust, isn’t it magical that water is showering all day long?
    Doesn’t matter if we like it or not.
    There’s a lesson, we suffer till we look for shelters, till we resist the water!
    We rejoice once we embrace what is, and have an ecstatic experience.
    Be one with it!
    To you, rain is also just a means to an end kinda experience, something that’s happening on your way back home or on your way to work.
    Well that is, because the rains are in sync with the life & you are not!
    It serves the planet within couple of minutes or maybe within hours, in ways that your current state of mind cannot comprehend & your entire life cannot grasp!
    And why would you even pay attention to it?
    You are busy right?
    Busy doing your time!