• write_to_live 18w


    I never knew or rather wondered what is black? A pencil that a kid uses first time to get introduced to writing is black or the clouds that pour happiness to the world are black. In our deepest moments we sometimes say that, 'I am consumed by the darkness'. And how do we picturise darkness - black again. But my favourite outfit is a little black dress. The whole subjectivity around black is confusing right? I think it's amazing to know that black means when something doesn't emit or reflect any light. Again, still that colour fits so much into different situations and moods. How and why? Suddenly it becomes a funeral colour and the other second it is a sexy number to wear. Suddenly it reminds you of your bad moments when you felt your life is in darkness and the other second it takes you back to your childhood when you used carbon to scribble your first words. So much of gap in thoughts and ideas but one colour somehow connects them - black!
    All are human creations at the end - a black , a red, a blue, a green - all single depicts their own self and you call some a mood for the day! What if all are mixed! Is abstract a mood or an art or just a mode of saying, 'I don't want to be stereotyped. Please let me release myself. Please let me see the light I want to. Please let me find myself again. Please let me live for what I am destined to.'
    Can we say oh I am so happy that black is my mood today? Or we still we see black as a funeral colour or just try to hide our bodies and minds behind that colour?

    Give it a thought and let me know what you think!