• poetrydelivery 31w

    I told you over and over .
    You laugh" joked" now run.

    Back to back neverending
    Massive heart killing agony”,
     On a high enormous" skin peeling"
    wobbling eye-popping"
    teeth crushing of a second,
    now we conclude"
    declare" finalize its done"
    catastrophic to the point"
    before click….click..click….look up .⬆ boom”
     and I still can't fall asleep”
    have you ever heard of such a thing”
    and why does it feel’ like it only happens to me”
    everybody set snack”
    Walking back"  Backtrack"
    rewind to were flesh deteriorates”
    my body now starting to melt”
    i'm freshly dissolving now
    again click body in motion to disease:,
    my soul left weeks ago”  
    accepted defeat way before me”
    I seen its face" like
    click picture" image" stick vision"
    for what will come with me till my last breath"
    or click the last macroscopic" half of a quarter inch" to non existence” how?.... click what?. Who?. Never!” a lie’ invention” vanish”
    never ever” not possible” you die here”
    not” another dam word”
    the end.”
    Days ago” on a valley,
    click backstage, wallpaper ,background, behind the scenes” greenroom”
    I guess” that's where lost souls go”
    to pray” I need to cry “ but don't “
    cuz I have no soul “so her i let “
    and I kept on letting”
    so I'm saying to myself”
    it's sorry to have to please”
    Why can't we be sorry”
    for not going to please.”
    Why seek a sorry”
    if my sorry wont please”
    . Why attend with attendees”
    like a crowd be in the crowded.
    Why not call alcohol soda”
    and milk water”.
    If all fill a cup with same amount”
    of any type of liquid”
    then i see nothing mystic”,
    click not different” different name
    but the same” who you kidding”,
    double majority, cloned”
    fake bitch can't believe”
    i made you up”
    i can't believe”
    you never existed"
    Now die"