• nirmiti 40w

    CAUTION: A masquerader.
    Highly poisonous and hazardous.

    We come across different people.
    But, one with a maquerade can con you and damage you at any moment.
    Today, the world is a tournament.
    If you donot fight for your need, there are billions waiting to snatch that away.

    The lines written�� is just a brief concise of what is going on in each of our lives. Conjointly with the struggle to achieve things, it is undoubtedly toilsome to find the one with a mask.
    Sweet, caring, very trustworthy and helpful they seem to us. But what are they actually doing?
    Backstabbing, betraying, preying on us.
    These people can alter their faces so conveniently that we donot get the slightest hint of it and often we realise that when its too late. They seem to love us unconditionally. We will find them whenever we need them and gradually, we pour out our secrets to them.
    *Pat on your back*
    Finally! That is all what they wanted.
    These people can be your friend, a colleague a neighbour or just anybody within your circumference. So, you trust, love and foolishly speak out all your feelings. They listen, notice and display compassion.

    The very next moment they sit for a gossip with another bunch of people and discharge all your valuable details to them.
    Oh! How villainous.
    These people tend to display a slide of themself that coincides with your thoughts, when you are with them. But turns onto another slide with others. You whole heartedly go on helping them with all their problems and when YOU need them, all they do is backpedal themself. Always try to distance yourself from such people. You cannot imagine the heap of hatred and grudge they have towards you. And this HEAP is not traditional. This can assassinate, massacre, eradicate and drown you and your life to such an extent that healing yourself might be an uphill battle.
    THIS has happened with all of us atleast once.

    So, it is evident that we may encounter such hypocrites at any moment in our life.
    I feel, building a good relationship with everyone near us is essential. But, choose wisely who you trust.
    Never let anyone dare to smash your inner charm and beauty. Donot affirm with else's definition of life. Do what is best for you.
    And keep shining.



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