• rhah_loth 47w

    Once I read W. H. Auden and from his work and my love for a pet dog. I needed to write this too.

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    Talking to my pet

    If i studied in Hogwarts
    i would let you speak
    Like a babbler ,
    Humming softly to its peak

    But how happy we are together alone
    You wag when i'm around
    my heart leaps with joy
    watching your front legs off the ground

    You yelp and yap
    with juicy bones
    I'm thrilled
    my dog of crown
    when i fathom a problem on my own

    You intuit hate
    when i'm home late
    I discern it in a few eyes
    beyond our house gate

    You stretch joyfully
    in the awakening
    I'm so scared
    of a busking day menacing

    Your days shine bright
    without a fright
    mine are those I was born.
    And figured out why

    You timorously feel shy
    when you snatch from the sty
    I shamefacedly squirm
    when i'm emotionally hurt from the firm

    You often want to see me home
    When i return
    I never want to see you gone
    Not even in your own terms

    For how happy we are together alone.