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    Hi again!
    But i wanna write some meaning Korean words in this story for better understanding-
    Annyeong - Hello
    Eomma - Mom
    Appa - Dad
    Oppa - Big brother or a boy who is big and close to you or your bf (This word is only for girls)
    Hyung - Big brother (This word is only for boys)
    Mianhae - Sorry
    Kamsahamnida - Thanks
    Nae - Yess
    Ani or Aniyo - No

    I'm seriously educating y'all. So, I'll stop here.
    Whoever didn't understand any words that I left, are free to ask!
    Or you know there is always Google by your side!
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    Boys With Luv

    ( V - Announcement )

    { Krystal's Pov }

    "Eomma!!! Mianhae.. I am really sorry, really really!!! Please forgive m- " As soon as our maid opened the door, I ran into the living room, asking for forgiveness from my mom. But stopped in midway because of someone.

    A mid aged couple were staring at me as if I was some alien. Ok, I admit, I am looking a bit messy... So what? I looked over to my mom, who was glaring at me and was trying her best to smile at the guests. I then looked towards the other couch, where a boy was sitting, his back facing me.

    "Krystal, change and come downstairs quickly!" Mom said and I nodded. I tried to look at the boy and was shocked when he turned around to face me.

    "Taehyung!?" I half - yelled. What the fuck is he doing here?

    "Krystal! Go and change!" My father yelled at me and I quickly ran upstairs and direct into my room.

    Why is taehyung here? And moreover, with his parents?


    There I was, sitting in the cold tense room, talking to my father.

    "Appa, please... " I said underneath my breath, part of me hoping that he heard it.

    "You have to marry Taehyung and that's it." My dad coldly said as he crossed his arms over his chest.

    I became really mad but I have to calm down myself since he was my dad, "But why? I hate him and you are forcing me to marry him? I already have a boyfriend." I tried to control my anger.

    "You will be happy with him." Mom said as she rubbed my shoulder to calm me down.

    "Happy? I will be happy with Jungkook and you want me to marry him because of money?"

    Taehyung and his parents had already left the house after they announced our contract marriage. The whole time when me and Taehyung were sitting opposite to each other, he didn't even look at me once.

    I am sure that he will not agree to marry me. Will he?

    "Krystal, it's just for one year." Mom spoke.

    "And what about Jungkook then?" I shouted.

    "Krystal! Behave yourself!" My dad yelled at me but this time I didn't even budge. I can't take this anymore. They can't always rule me.

    "Krys, Taehyung is a nice boy. He wil- " My dad started but was cut off in between.

    "Fuck him. I ain't marrying him!"

    "Watch your mouth when you are talking to me!" My dad shouted back.

    I faced him, showing my teary eyes and my sharp gaze towards him, "You always think about the company and your self! What about me? Your own daughter? Is your daughter's happiness nothing in front of your business?"

    My dad looked at me and just sighed.

    "Yeah, right. Well, I don't think that you'll change your mind and it's useless to talk to you." I said as I get up from the sofa and "bowed" at them.

    I ran to my room and buried my face in my pillows, crying my heart out. I couldn't breathe and all I could do was cry out pathetic tears. Tears of sadness, tears of tiredness, tears of fear.

    My dad and Taehyung's dad want to merge our companies since we are both financially unstable. And our marriage was the best they could come up with. They said it's for only a year and then we can divorce.

    I guess selling their daughter off to some guy would be okay for them.


    "Krystal, get ready for the evening announcement ceremony."

    "I don't want to. And now get out of my room for god's sake mom!"

    She stormed out off my room and now I am all alone in my room like a helpless girl I am. After like 20 minutes of silence someone knocked on my door before getting inside. It was my best friend, Yuna.

    Great! This is all I need right now. How am I going to face her? She will think that I am just a bitch who stole her love?

    Why is it only raining on me!?

    "Krys, everything is gonna be fine, okay?" She comforted me telling me all those soothing words which could make me stop crying. But the thing she didn't know was that at the last she will be the one most hurted.

    "Now, let's get you ready." I nodded and grabbed my white dress that reached the top of my knees and I put it on.

    Yuna then curled my hair and let it fall down my shoulder then she did my makeup, some bronzer on my cheeks and I draw eyeliner and put on red lipstick. I then slipped into my heels and walked downstairs, finding my mom instructing the maids.

    "Krys, look how beautiful my daughter is." She hugged me lightly, not wanting to ruin my dress.

    "Thank you so much, Yuna." Mom smiled and Yuna nodded in response.

    "I except you to be nice to your fiancée."

    "Yeah mom, I'll try to behave." I huffed.

    We then get inside the car and went to the hotel where the party was. When we reached, the hotel receptionist guided us to the hall.

    Soon, people started arivving. It's a good thing that the ceremony was private and just a few friends and families were invited. People from the business world were also invited.

    "Ah... They are here." Mom said and walked towards Taehyung's family. Yuna was asking about this whole marriage contract and I was explaining her how this will affect our families business and how my parents are selling me off.

    She was way more than angry on my parents and was cursing on my fiancée, who was Taehyung but she didn't know that because I was too scared and didn't have the courage to tell her the truth. All this time when I was talking to her, I kept my head low because of all the guilt inside me.

    "Look," I looked over where she was pointing, and found that it was where BTS was standing, "Taehyung is looking so handsome." This made a tear fall on my cheeks. I hugged Yuna tightly, at first she was suprised but then she started patting my back, comforting me.

    How much of a bitch I am to my best friend...

    I wiped my cheeks as both mine and Taehyung's parents went on the stage. I quickly glanced at Jungkook, thinking that it was the last time I am seeing him. He was talking to Taehyung about something, looking confused.

    "Good evening everyone, thank you for joining us today. I am very happy that years of business partnership is turning into a family bond." Taehyung's father gave his million dollar smile to everyone who were smiling at my doom.

    "And now I would like to call my son and Krystal, up on the stage." Taehyung's dad said and we both headed towards the stage. He stood next to me.

    He was wearing a navy blue suit, his dark midnight messy hair brushed to his forehead, he stood tall and firm, and I was looking like a smurf next to him. His muscles showing through his suit jacket. His blue eyes shine playfully as he gave me a sweet but fake smile, his perfect jawline.

    My dad said, "I'm very happy to announce that Mr. Kim and I had decided to join our families in marriage."

    And that's how my life turned upside down.