• rutuja_24 9w

    For BTS who were there during my difficult times. I purple you ����

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    I purple you

    You're my light
    You're my sky
    You are the stars that shine
    You are my breeze
    That pass through me
    You are the reason that makes me
    Like what I see
    You are like scenery
    Always so pleasant
    I used to like singularity
    Now I'm a different person
    Whenever I look into your eyes
    I feel like I already know you
    Even though you are a thousand miles away
    I wanna speak too
    Your hands give me comfort
    Sometimes I feel them around my cheeks
    You make me fall without any effort
    You always make me weak
    You inspire me in various ways
    In dance, in music, in everything
    You came in my life as angels
    And helped me spread my wings