• asoulneversold 19w

    Sometimes this is the way the world makes you act,
    It will question and pierce and shake and disturb you until you scream,
    Until you talk like there's no end,
    And then it will leave you saying
    "You were too talkative and expressive to ever stay with,
    No one could possibly handle that and
    You're only meant to be left alone!"

    How helpless are the ones who've faced it and been this victim!

    Anyone who truly loves you would never make you feel you're not worth the time, worth the fights, worth the cries and worth the love and will not involve you in this heart churning emotional game,
    Love stays forgiving all darkness you carry within because deep down we all have the dark side which we hide behind
    "I've always been like this",
    Expecting someone to change while yourself being rigid is utter immaturity.