• vaishnuchellam 9w

    (Episode 5)

    "Priya, why didn't you give me a word before coming? What happened to you?" I just give her a smile. "This morning you were happy and enthusiastic....but now.." , she sighs. "Sorry Neethu, I feel a pain in my head and have to sleep for a while" , I gave her an escaping commentary. She hugs me and she usually do this to console a mother less girl like me. It was she who shows me what is love and I never miss my mom when I was with her. But then love took a different turn in the form of Rithvik. A love which was totally against to her. I have to sacrifice one for the other. Oh my goodness, I wept and slept slowly. The next day I felt a shoot up in temperature and slight giddiness. Neethu gives me pills. I thought to skip that day's class. Neethu have to go for her practice that day and she left. I was lonely inside the room. Soon something pulls me from bed.... my mind reminds me..., "What are you doing here by leaving Neethu lonely with Rithvik?" Yes, Rithvik is her trainer and I should be there. My footsteps proceed to college....
    (To be continued...)