• chechong 10w

    21 days of my life

    Becoming guardian of peace was not an easy journey.
    21 days of training made me realize importance of armed forces in our country.
    Our sweat is just a glimpse compared to sacrifices done by military people.
    Impassioned immense respect and love towards armed forces in the world.❤❤
    Strengthened me towards the fluctuations of life- happy and sad moments.
    Showered me with diverse relationships in the platoon.
    Strong bond of students and instructors,
    Caring chain of brother and sister,
    Happy moments of roommates,
    Supportive nature of individual DRUK platoon members,
    Sad moments of departure and above all guiding SOUL of our platoon (Dasho)
    Those moments will be treasured in my heart forever.
    Stay strong and serve the country.