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    He loved it when she called. Somehow it was precisely at those moments, when one feels down and defeated. When nothing makes sense. When you feel self-pity. And trust me, these times are quintessentially sad, to bear.
    "Hey, Tulip" says he.
    "Hey there, Jo" says she.

    She was not his best friend, nopes! She was the person who always understood him, in silence. Somehow unsaid words and unfelt emotions had a way of getting revealed to her. She had a panache for the way words sounded. The way one could feel it on their tounge.The more messier it was, the more she enjoyed solving it. He didn't want to give it any name. She was just her, someone who somehow knew him better than he knew himself!

    They never talked long hours, not chatting at every little thing, after all they were busy building their own lives. Yet whenever they talked, it was never like they were apart. Like I said each one's precision to be able to connect, when the other needed, was beyond comprehension. This side, without fail, she gets a book as present before the year ends from him. It always ends up as her favorite book she read that year!
    "Damn! How does he always know, the book will connect with my heart?" she mutters to herself as she finishes the book.

    Maybe it was their way of showing love, even when they didn't know it's that. Her's being there, at his worst. His being there through one thing she loved the most.

    When you're happy with other person, you don't care to define the feeling, do you? It's always the audience, who name it to you. You are just there, for each other, whenever needed.
    It's just so cliché, "being there whenever it's needed"
    Yet, we find none beside when we really need someone. Call it life's irony or the parody it plays.

    You see it happens, in life. You never forget that someone who stood up beside you when you thought you would never make it. The care they shower upon you, is a rare and devastatingly addictive, resulting in the clandestine feelings that tickle your bones to make you smile even in the darkest of your life. You cannot synchronize chronological time here- who, when, where, what and why. You just stay on a little more, distantly yet a little closer than everything else. The voice of the world sounds better, because they articulate it that way.
    Quite, nourishing upon the unknown feel of the love and care you get from the other, hidden and wrapped in the shiny little chocolates and abundant concern.
    You just live in the little infinite space of happiness, amidst the endless humdrum of the world. It's enough for a while. It's enough for the time being.


    Temporary post. Bear the length and the senselessness!
    Title taken from the song.
    Reviews and corrections are welcome ��

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    Homeless love

    But we know this, we got a love that is homeless..
    -Secret Love Song by Little Mix

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