• aamukkhi 10w

    Starry nights

    Some nights,
    We just elope from world of dreams,
    To be under the starry sky.
    Our countless stories begins,
    When orion chases the dark.

    When Wild sea breeze shimmering across
    Teases those dozing buds.
    Jasmines blooms to life,
    With her fragrances flaping to fly.
    Gazing up to those dusky hues,
    We will form our own constellations.

    When moonlight kisses the ebony,
    We lay under the blissful covet.
    Conjuring up all our fond memories,
    Rewinding those silly fights and talks.
    Measuring all our losses,
    Merrying in our fulfilled wishes.

    When the dawn arrives,
    And the horizon stains in tinge of scarlet.
    We still stay with staring eyes,
    Adoring each other as ever.
    With a hope of a yet other starry night,
    We blink to those unbound dreams.
    To be in these candescent moments,
    Again and forever. ..