• divyanshipathak13 5w

    Will never forget....

    I will never forget that you were the one to stay,
    When everyone suddenly decided to back off,
    That you were the one involved in all the fun,
    For which you clearly deserve a doff....

    I will never forget the long talks till three,
    The intense love that used to set the soul free,
    All the lively conversations under the pink tree,
    The way you nodded even if you don't agree....

    I will never forget the nagging you tolerated,
    The little stones by the heart's bank that are now perforated,
    The colourful pages in which your name is curated,
    And how beautifully I was always treated....

    There is a lot to remember and yet to forget,
    Your name still sets the days to an offset,
    But there's also a thing that I'll never forget,
    I made you a chapter when I was not even an alphabet....