• crimson_angle 22w

    Boys Self-Harm Too

    Girl: Hey, are you okay? You seemed...weird today.

    Boy: I'm fine.

    Girl: You sure? You know, I can...*chuckles* find you a therapist. *Group of girls laugh behind her*

    Boy: ...*Pulls hoodie over his head and starts walking home*

    Group of boys: What a dweeb! *laughter*

    (A few hours later)

    *Quiet sobs could be heard from the boy's room. He was sitting on his bed with a freshly blood stained razor in his hand.*

    Boy: No...n-no more. T-to much pain.

    *The boy ponders what to do. He then opens his desk drawer carefully to reveal his newly prescribed medication. He takes it in his hand and closes the drawer. He sits back on his bed hesitantly.*

    Boy: I'm sorry, Mum. Sorry, Dad.

    *The boy opens the pill case and downs all of the pills. He lays back and closes his eyes while he feels himself slowly drifting off to sleep*

    Raise awareness that boys harm themselves too. Lots of people think a vast majority of self-harmers are girls. Boys harm too! If you feel the way the boy did (even if you are a girl), get some help. You don't need to hide. Keep fighting. You are not the only one fighting this war. We will all fight with you. Spread this tag-
    #Self-HarmAwareness if you want to help win this war against depression.
    Also, #NoBullying.