• lauradilly 10w


    I want to be the reason you get out of bed every day.
    I want the smile on your face to be there because of me.
    I want to fill your head day and night. Leaving no room for anything or anyone else.
    I want to lay with my head on your chest every night, listening to your heart beat for me.
    I want to feel your lips on my neck as you breathe in my sweet scent.
    I want to feel your hands on my breasts as you ignite my passions.
    I want you to desire every inch and thought of me.
    I want to be with you for all your good days AND bad days. We tackle every day as one together.
    I want to take care of you when you're hurt, sick or life treats you wrong.
    I want to be the only one you can imagine bringing you happiness.

    But, most of all, I want your heart and soul to feel for me the same as I feel for you.