• priceless407 5w

    Life gave me someone special too mysteriously.

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    Accidental love

    I was living alone
    With my favourite sad song
    Trying to forget each wish
    Regarding first love's bliss.

    Gradually becoming more calm
    Preparing to move on
    With excitement to learn and study
    Indicating i have got the remedy.

    Suddenly in the early morning
    My phone was ringing
    I took that call
    And thought that is college's protocol.

    During that conversation
    I showed my devotion
    Towards my lovely subject
    As i love english with its all aspects.

    We bunked that archaeology class
    Which was the master class
    Because that roaming changed your mind
    You got impressed from my wind

    I had warned you dear
    Not to care
    But you did the same
    And now for you i am insane.

    This insanity is too high
    Do something to pacify
    Unless it would frustrate
    And priceless will regret.