• rebelpjones 23w

    Where I've been/who I am
    By RebelpJones

    I've walked amongst
    those who have
    fallen by the wayside.
    That's where the
    truth resides,
    Folks that made mistakes
    But changed their lives,
    Real truth from
    experience never lies,
    You can tell a lot
    from a man's
    deep hardened eyes,
    You can tell a lot
    from a man's
    heavy broken strides,
    For those of you
    on the same path, 
    journey with me
    we can fight the
    coming future side by side, 
    it's people like us
    strong enough to
    walk through the dark
    to deliver light, 
    to those
    stuck in
    constant night,
    where it seems
    easy to stay asleep
    in fabricated life.