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    What will I do without you?”, asked Zoya looking all serious, deep into his eyes.

    “Miss me?”, Aarav chuckled.

    “Shut up Aarav. Jokes all the time. Do you know what I am feeling right now?”, Zoya angrily looked at him.

    Aarav smiled at her. He came closer and held her hand and whispered in her ear, “It’s just a matter of few months and I will be back.”

    He continued, “ We can then go for lots of shopping and dates. I will even carry your bags, but only when you let me tickle you”.

    “No, never. I can carry my own bags”, Zoya rolled her eyes.

    “Alright then, I will carry you, you carry the bags. What say?”, Aarav winked.

    She happily agreed.


    Being a girlfriend of an Army man wasn’t as easy as she had portrayed.

    Every single day she kept writing about him and wished for his safety.

    A few months later, Aarav returned. Zoya’s happiness knew no bounds.

    He came near her and hugged her tight. She could only cry.

    Tears didn’t stop falling down her cheeks.

    He asked, “Are you crying because of this?”, showing his amputated hand.

    “No.”, replied Zoya.

    “Then why are you crying like a baby?”, he smiled at her.

    “Because you promised you would carry me while I carry the bags after shopping”, she smiled at him and hugged him tight, yet again.


    Both were courageous and both felt the pain.

    But they knew the art of smiling with zeal and acceptance, being together.

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