• precious101 10w

    You're the person i wanna be with. You understand me more than anyone ive met. I can talk to you about anything, id go with you almost anywhere and still do. I just wish you felt the same way. I told you how i feel for you. You told me you felt the same but you don't anymore, do you? Is it too much to ask? For you to be mine? You're the one i trust. You're my safeplace. Do you know how hard my days are without you? How much i miss you? Do you know how comforting your warm smile and voice is. You make plans for us about the future But you've never once asked me to be yours. I talk to others about it and they tell me to just wait, appreciate what we have, that you do feel the same for me, you're just not ready yet. Is it true? Because if so ill wait, i promise... But i dont think thats it. I think you really don't want me. I think you really just see me as a friend. But i see you as so much more than that. It stings me when you still ask me who i like, or ask who i want to date, or tell me there's no one you can be with.. honey im right here i promise. I don't even believe in love for me. Ever. You know that. I've told you about it repeatedly. But you're the only person who could ever change my mind about it right now. No matter how many times my mind and heart doubt and try to float away from you. They come right back and i wonder about you. Is he okay? Does he feel alone? Is he telling me everything? Is there anything he's not telling me? I dont want to be selfish to you but i want love too. I want to be with someone as much as any other ordinary romantic. But i keep being told to wait and i don't know how long i can. Im sorry. My heart and mind will wonder away again and one day, it might decide that it just doesn't see a home to float back to anymore.