• tanishqa_ 5w

    Dearest best friend,
    Its weird how I just found a friend in you, out of no where, even when you were among the people I dreaded the most.
    Its indeed surprising how things turned upside down, when that was the least we expected, how we hated even seeing each other let alone talking. Things changed I say for good, there have been fights, misunderstandings and what not. But I know for a fact that they've brought us closer than ever.
    So here's to many more fights, sarcastic jokes, terrible humour, more consolling, teasing, more wishes and ultimatums in secret diaries, movies, laughter... basically an endless list.
    Thanks for being there always, as a silent companion and a strong backbone, a tough persona but a soft rest, here's to you best friend.
    Remember, you are taking me on vacations where we find the hottest boys in the world. Okay? Hehe.

    @umapayushi04, so here it is... for you!

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