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    'Indeed dualism raises more questions than it answers. But the mind-matter perception of things is beside the point here. For we have now reached a stage where we can, under certain restrictions, create our own well-being. In this regard, the neural correlates of consciousness remains our most plenteous avenue' - Unicius

    'You downplay the whimsicality, curiosity and tendencies of non-conformity of the human race, in so far as we've come to understand it. Man, by nature, is self-delusional, creating his own beliefs, living by them, and upon being hurt by this living, forgetting that it is he who created them. He starts to believe then, that his beliefs till that point belong to an opposing faction to him. Randomness, non-constant as it is, ironically is the most fundamental constant in Creation. It is either in terms of retrospection or observation over long period of time, that the delusion of a chain reaction may be perceived. It is to us, our very self in perception, for we are built, such that we may detect patterns where none exist' - Syneidos

    'But existence itself is mere validation by observation. As fundamental as we may believe it to be, it is non-existent if it is not known (as in not observed or detected), by our perception, however impersonal, that perception maybe' - Unicius

    'Exactly. In saying this Unicius, you have contradicted yourself and established the approximate nature of perception, of the world around us and hence too, of consciousness' - Syneidos

    ' Indeed I may have, may have sown the seeds of self-doubt, for any certainty in belief of the system is not warranted to its creator. One of the pangs a creator always lives by' - Unicius

    'I once heard that a poet, when such beings existed, could never be fully satisfied with his belief in poetry. This was what used to drive him to create more. It is perhaps a similar predicament that all creators share, irrespective of creation. Satisfaction, if any, shall always be short-lived. Thus I declare, that if you have self-doubt, so shall I' - Syneidos

    It was the fourth turning. The previous three had been the usual — four-way crossing, street lamps at the corners, just at the edge of the pavement, busy passers-by. The fourth one too wouldn't have attracted any attention of it hadn't been for the peripheral vision picking up the feeling of something bizarre hanging from the light-post under which their car was passing. Something bizarre like a terminated body for example. Most people did not bother to take notice. The society they lived had long been, such that this sort of violence was forgotten territory. Everyone had forgotten to react to such things anymore. It is not common knowledge that the body is not that of the convict.
    But for experienced eyes like theirs, it was easy to see that it was a host body. Which could mean only one thing. Someone had been sentenced. Sentenced to non-existon death. A most painful affair. The sentenced convict has his/her consciousness transferred to some diseased host body, almost always some very painful disease, cultivated for the purpose. Then that body is hanged, very often publicly. The pain from the disease and the pain from the hanging slowly kills the convict. Many terminate quickly, others try to break free from the noose. Some even succeed. Some also enter a state of suspension from consciousness and stop feeling anything. This is as good as death. There have also been reports of people tearing off the existons in their own body to save themselves the pain. Of course they don't really know their consciousness cannot really be erased if the existons are removed. Sometimes they manage to tear off some brain tissue with their existons and actually achieve their goal. Though that too leads to immediate termination.
    This body seemed to be hanging for a few hours at most. Which means they've been out hunting again. Or soon will be.

    "What do you make of such display?", east-face asked quietly.

    " Well, it's a warning, that's for sure"

    "My thoughts exactly"

    They had now left their turning behind them. They hadn't even stopped to have a closer look. Didn't need to. Their driving pace had already been slower than usual. More than enough time for their sharp eyes. ( TO BE CONTINUED)

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