• mmk_22 45w


    Not poem//

    Is anyone good with relationship advice?

    I used to date this guy and we remained best friends. We used to text everyday/night and everything but he got some new friends. And started to be an asshole per say and we fell off but we say three words to each every once in a while.

    I asked him "what's the point in staying in contact? "

    And he said "In case we ever need to Vent at each other or we wanna talk casually. Maybe find things to laugh at together or ask for advice"

    But you see, I don't want to be that last person. I don't want to be that NEED to person. If someone is going to talk to me it's going to be an "because I want to" You know. And I want to talk to him. But I get left on read so what's the point in trying.

    Anyways, I don't know what to do. Weather to continue to be the go to need to person and spill my advice when he doesn't deserve it or to leave when he's the only person who knows the real me and whole life and everything.

    And all the attempts I have left.. He wouldn't let me. He said his act would change and that the friendship is worth fighting for.

    But I feel worthless and use