• why_so_dark 6w

    With the responsibility to
    make me happy,
    came the ability to
    break my heart.
    With the charisma to
    win over my awkwardness,
    came the audacity to
    leave me alone.
    With the right to
    know all my dark secrets,
    came the guts to
    break me apart.
    He parted, I survived.
    He again parted, I survived.
    He once again parted, I survived.
    Like this, an eternity passed
    mending and picking my all pieces -
    broken, stabbed, mutilated, I picked all
    and made a string of broken things,
    Half-mended, and half-tattered.
    Somewhat melancholic,
    and some barely visible.
    I stringed it together for not letting
    go any piece of mine.
    So, as if when it will come to love or not,
    I might choose the "Not".