• akhilesh_mahender 50w

    Having noticed that her Dad didn't wake up yet, she got down her bed, walked towards his room and shouted, "Daddy! It's morning! Wake up time!"

    He didn't respond.

    She slowly climbed his bed, firmly seated on his chest, placed her hand on his forehead and whispered, "Daddy! You have fever! Wait, don't worry, I'm there!"

    She bought her troop of toys.
    Placed one Barbie doll beside him and ordered in it's ears, "He's my Dad! Take care of him, I'll come in few seconds!"

    He was observing from the corner of his eyes.

    Then, she charged towards her kitchen kit of toys. Plucked few leaves from the garden, a bottle of water from the fridge and after few seconds, she walked with slow steps, cautiously towards his bed, and mumbled, "Dad! Dad! Take this, it's green tea."

    He obliged.

    She whispered, "Please take rest Daddy. Close your eyes!"

    Then, the little girl, bought her Doctor toys kit, took out the stethoscope and snugly placed it on his chest, forehead, hands, belly, and on legs with atmost concentration.

    He faked to cough.

    She passed her hands on his chest as if trying to soothe the pain and maffled, "See, Dad! You are sick. You have to take rest. Meanwhile, take this chocolate. It's a painkiller! Hmm! C'mon close your eyes and sleep!"

    Just then, his phone buzzed.
    He attended the call and said, "Sorry to disturb you Doctor. I'm doing fine, now. You need not come. I have a caretaker at home!"

    Gazing at his little daughter, he smiled thinking, "My wife would be feeling happy, seeing their daughter, from high above the sky!"