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    It's true,people move She realized it when he did, she don't know why the situation became so worst day by day He was the best priority to her at that moment. She made a friend but not expected to leave him like a old stranger guy. He was not the same person anymore,he was changed. He show his worst part to her, she tried to resolve any of the problems between them but he was not just ready to communicate, she never imagine that he'd became that bad listener with her. Was he the same person with whom she laughed the most? Yeah,she knows nowadays they never talk like the way they did before But neither you calls not texts she missed the most, the thing she miss always is the old him. She miss the way he heal all his scars within just few days,the way he talk with her like they know each other since years and those little moments,conversations,laughs made her feel even more worse nowadays The only question she asked "was she so bad"? "Was it so easy to replace someone in just a day"? "Was it someone actually really better than her"? Somedays when she need him,need the shoulders to cry on,need the person to spoke her heart out she just felt alone sitted in her balcony with the earphones besides her. But still she don't hate him she can't. Because he was important for her at some point Although whatever the situation now,she console her everyday,she love herself everyday,she forgive herself everyday and she tried to forget him everyday. Sometimes she failed,sometimes she came with the conclusion and sometimes she just flow with the time And no matter if she missed him somedays or dreaming somedays, she never want him back and always want the best for him,for herself and for the world��

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