• olasquare 24w


    The madman laughed at me
    Convinced in his mind that I was the crazy lad.
    That got me thinking:
    Does a madman know he is mad?

    If I lost my mind, would I know it?
    Or would I be too impaired to be aware?

    If my hair grows rebelliously like an eagle's feather
    And my nails become like a bear's claws
    Would I know that that's the course of a madman?
    Or would I be convinced that it's the latest fad

    If a stream of saliva flows down my beard
    And I engage lifeless poles in a discussion
    Would I consider it weird?
    Or would I think it's the social norm?

    And as these crazy thoughts race through my mind,
    One thing I am definitely certain of:
    Of all the things I am thankful for,
    Foremost is that I haven't lost my mind.

    Or have I?