• amritsharma 9w

    I Am Tired

    Tired of walking on these streets pretending everything's fine. I wanna stop and I wanna scream, loud out asking these questions to my life. I wanna cry, I wanna be scolded. I want to be beaten till I have no more strength left to breathe. I am unable to reach to anything, with the every bit of strength in me. I don't feel like even trying anymore. I wanna make everyone sit and tell what all is rushing through my veins every moment passing, but Not even a bit have I left with to utter a word anymore. I am Tired Of Cursing This Bitch Destiny Every Now And Then. I Am Tired. And I Don't Wanna Walk Here, Alone With All These Thoughts In My Head. I Just Wanna Sit, Still....And Wanna Let The Time Take Me Away With It.