• rubabaftab_ 4w


    At the end of the day,
    It's you,
    It's always you.
    Nobody will be there
    Except you and your LORD.
    Met a lot of people in life, right?
    But nobody feels like you,
    Did you notice that.?
    Nobody understands you,
    Nobody loves you,
    Nobody cares for you.
    You're getting sad by realizing this,
    You're going through depression,
    But but but
    Dude When you...
    Yes you,
    you're not understanding you,
    Not loving urself
    Not cares for you.
    Why and how someone else do this?
    Did you ever think?
    What you're doing to urself?
    Did you ever think about you...
    Your feelings,
    Your emotions,
    Your happiness,
    Your life,
    And you.?
    When you know
    everything is temporary here,
    Then why
    Why are you spoiling urself?
    Don't you love urself?
    Obviously everyone say yes,
    But no dude,
    you don't
    If you do sweetheart
    Then why aren't you taking care of urself?
    Why aren't you working for making easy ur way to jannah,
    Are you ready to go another hell after death?
    Which will be most horrible thing.
    Isn't this life enough to living like a hell?
    Are you ready to go hell just cus of urself?
    Think about urself,
    take care of yourself
    Love urself not this shitty world
    Where everything is temporary,
    Everyone will left one-day,
    after all what matters is "you"