• kinky_eskimo 30w

    Photo Shoot

    He leaned in and adjusted my earring
    My heart was about to burst out of my chest
    He was very particular about my look
    He only worked with me and none of the rest

    I let him direct my every move
    I only cared to fulfill all of his expectations
    He brought magic to the camera
    He was a master of all of his creations

    I needed him and he needed me
    I always felt like the most beautiful woman
    My skin glowed underneath the lights
    It was obvious to see I did not have a tan

    He was able to capture my essence
    The energy in the room was raising the heat
    Little by little my clothes came off
    Until the end when my undies fell to my feet

    He observed me from head to toe
    He caught each neglected inch of my body
    He transformed me into an art piece
    In my vulnerable state I wanted him to want me

    I embraced him pulling him in closer against my bare skin
    I tore his clothes off without second thought
    He placed his camera down on the floor
    I told him to put it on timer because I like being watched

    All night long the camera clicked
    And all night long we melted into each other
    Creating beautiful imagery
    A tantalizing portfolio of lust between two lovers