• tripleace 6w

    Elder Brother

    My elder brother
    You are my number one forever
    You made a way for my future
    And that’s the greatest gift I know for sure.

    You helped in my studies and
    Erased all my worries
    You took good care of me right from ss2
    without a deal.

    You cut your money so we could gain
    It didn’t matter to you if it was sun or rain
    You always stood by our side as
    an angel and as our guide.

    You’ we been through a lot which I cannot count with numbers
    In this world like you there are only few brothers
    You are the greatest gift to me.

    I thank you for what you done
    Without your courage and support I could never have won
    I pray for you everyday
    You’re my loving elder brother I’m proud to say.