• sam_oenomel 45w

    Soul Scorched into One

    Have you ever searched for a soul relentlessly?
    Well I have.
    Craved for someone's presence more than their flesh?
    That's what my daily mundane routine is.
    Has anyone's approval mattered to your suddenly?
    I seek his nod quite often.
    A warm hug, fuzzy nose rub or even clinging to his arms matter more than elaborate candle lights.
    Travelling with him to places matter more than fancy dinners.
    Seeing that beaming smile in place on sudden surprising visits are my treasures.
    Question lies whether craving for someone's soul is scorching yours into his?
    Or searching for your sanity in his infectious affection makes you long more?
    All I know is my every sunrise and every moon witness him in me.
    To love is an ecstatic feeling, but to be loved in turn is a blessing.