• meghash 5w

    She walked on those thorns
    Painting them red
    She had no sheltering arms
    Neither a warm bed
    She was cold bodily and in heart
    Her bruises speak of her past
    Starved shrunken and shy soul
    Begged borrowed and battled bold
    To her waist, she tied threads of memories
    Increasing it's size as she #carries (baby)
    It's not about the torn dress of poverty
    It's the stripped cloth by the lost humanity
    In the big font I ask "WHY HER...?"
    Dear men, you don't deserve HER
    She is the eclipse and a new moon
    A shooting star, you wish for
    She is the holy river and that morning dew
    She is the new hope to that setting sun
    A tie of bonds and promising touch
    Behind that burkha, trying to create her world
    Dear men, when will you realise she is the only "WORLD"