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    Something fishy is clearly going on here in this foggy atmosphere ��
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    Forbidden love ~ 36

    Sarah didn't get it * What ..what the hell ..is he mad at me ..for something ...he must be busy ..yes work stress or maybe his some silly prank is on action * Sarah pulled herself together and next evening she visited his place , she wasn't allowed in without permission but as being COO of XI ,Alex was informed about her arrival but Alex simply rejected to meet her ,she pleaded to at least let her talk to him " yes ?" " Alex ...hey ...what what happened,r u mad at me for something..I'm sorry then but..b" " listen Sarah u know what ,u r right now alloweded to talk to me coz u r from xiaomi group ,do u still have doubt for any other matter ",Sarah cudnt believe his words ,she got what he was implying " and who gave u permission to end up it like this " Sarah managed to sound stern " well what was it to start with that we r ending here huh !!" Sarah was speechless " I'm not going anywhere without meeting u " " stubborn as always but don't u wish that I'll come for any reason" before Sarah could say another word line disconnected .But Sarah was not in mood of kidding ,she walked to the bench placed by roadside and sat there , night darkness appeared, it was cold but not enough to break Sarah ...well Sarah sat there alone but the thing is the feeling that someone's watching her crept her, Sarah started walking around to shrug off the feeling and then she noticed Alex peeking through balcony of his room ,she smiled but as soon he appeared, just then he disappeared just like smile on Sarah's face.Sarah never knew when sleep wrapped her . In morning the very first thing she saw was a man's back walking away from her and she instantly knew it was Alex but before she could respond he ran for jogging track ."he_" Sarah tried " GO HOME U R GAINING NOTHING HERE BUT THE SUSPICIOUS STARES " Alex shouted without looking back .Sarah was distressed by his behavior , with aching heart she headed to her appartment.That day it was hard to focus on work but Sarah's eyes instantly ran to the papers which her assistant handed her " lunch meeting with CEO of high-tech corp. at HK complex "Sarah didn't wanted to do that but .....she wanted to at same time.Dressed up in black Blazer and trouser with the dull face Sarah entered the food place ,all needed executives were there ,Sarah sat across the table and then entered Alex looking younger version of her dad ..despite of all this situation Alex was still taking Sarah's breath away .He came , sat facing Sarah , proceeded the conversation , sealed the deal and ordered lunch without a bit of hesitation .Sarah listened to him quietly.When everyone was done Sarah left the space and found her place on terrace .Alex followed her .." we need her sign on papers ,I'll check on her "