• aletheia_99 6w


    I bet you think,

    You know me baby.


    Bet you think,

    You got me all figured out.


    But you don't know.

    Will you ever know?


    'Cause I hide my tears,

    Beneath scarlet glasses.

    Can you see it now?

    Behind the smile I'm faking.


    'Cause my voice is shaking now.

    Can you hear it now?

    Still think you know me?

    Because I,

    I, I, I,

    Don't think you do.


    Yeah, I bet you think you do.

    Ain't it a shame honey,

    That you're wrong.

    Still think you got me all figured out?

    Because I,

    I, I, I,

    Think you're dead wrong.


    Ain't it a shame now y'all?

    'Cause all these people in the place,

    All these beauty queens,

    Facebook whiners,

    Instagram stars,

    Soundtrack droppers,

    Twitter soldiers,

    They think they know who you are,

    Who you'd bleed for,

    What you're thinking.

    Ain't it a funny,

    They don't even have a clue.

    What, you gonna tell me how to feel?

    You think I'm your puppet?

    You think ya got a hold on my strings?


    How's it feel?


    To be wrong.

    Baby Doll, this is a revolution.

    I'm a little traditional,


    Obey your mama and papa.

    I'm a little city,


    Punk-Rock blasting on the radi-o.

    I'm a little retro,

    High-waisted shorts,

    Little baby doll tee.

    I'm a little modern,

    Lady Gaga booming,

    Out my two-tone headphones,

    Choker round my throat.

    Little bit sweet,

    Little bit sassy.

    I, I, I,

    I'm an American girl.

    I can't be put in a box.


    You don't own me.


    You can't control me.

    (Without my permission)

    This is a new world.


    I refuse (refuse) to play your games.

    Can you respect that?

    (Respect that)

    If not?

    (Take a hike)


    'Cause this girl cut her own strings,

    It's my turn to be brave.

    I got the keys,

    Put 'em in my own ignition.

    Get clear baby boy because it's my show now.