• mixle18 5w

    Somedays i dont understand
    I should be pity or angry
    With the laws our country is facing.
    World biggest democracy
    Seems like in hands of few
    Who makes the rule in their blind faith.
    But what about the other opinions
    Oh my my!! why should they matter
    Do i need to wait another five year
    To be heard or be mattered.
    The half the nation is on roads
    Somewhere teachers
    Another place student
    Nd then the civilian.
    Farmer suicides
    Poverty inveils
    Jobs!! Who cares
    Places are choking with smoke..
    Economy!! Ahh lets not talk.
    But lets talk about religion mosque temple
    Nd every other things that shouldn't matter.
    World biggest democracy
    In a hand of few
    Who only knows those
    Who believe in all their faults.
    Rest just can be beaten on the roads
    Nd might never be heard.
    They can be seen
    But they matter...
    Who knows.